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Some great sites for your education and enjoyment.1

“These were more noble… in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Therefore many of them believed…”

Acts 17:11–12

Particular/Primitive Baptist2 Websites

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Baptist History

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Notable Particular/Primitive Baptists2

Our Favorite Hymnals

(1) Note: We have provided some great links to sites that we feel can be beneficial to the soul; however, we encourage everyone to go forth with a discerning mind– test all things against the Scriptures. While there are a great number of local churches and individuals (with websites)(listed above) that we can find some common ground, or appreciate some of the material they provide online, Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church may not agree in totality with everything of their doctrine, faith & order, and/or content. Inclusion of a web link on our website in no way implies in any way a ‘blanket’ endorsement of all that the website/author has written or the material that they provide.

(2) Note: Prior to the meeting that produced the Black Rock Address, Primitive Baptists were known as Particular Baptists. Primitive Baptists (who are the true Particular Baptists) are not Reformed Baptists. We may have some commonalities with Reformed Baptists, but we would not agree with them on everything. True Particular Baptists/ Primitive Baptists are not “Reformed”, “Protestant”, or “Calvinistic” as their doctrine predates the Reformation and Calvin. Baptists are not children of the Reformation (see Baptist History links above).