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Rejoicing in free grace!

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The excerpt below is from J.C. Philpot and his daily devotional, Ears From Harvested Sheaves. As I read it today the Lord used it to greatly encourage me with a beautiful description of God’s Free and Sovereign Grace. I hope it is an encouragement and a blessing to you as well.

Brother Thomas

Psalm 106:5

What is “the gladness of God’s nation?” To be saved “without money and without price;” to be saved by grace—free, rich, sovereign, distinguishing grace, without one atom of works, without one grain of creature merit, without anything of the flesh. This is “the gladness of God’s nation;” to rejoice in free grace, grace superabounding over the aboundings of sin, grace reigning triumphant over the dreadful evils of our heart. It is grace that “gladdens” a man’s heart. Oh! sweet grace, blessed grace! when it meets our case and reaches our souls. Oh! what a help, what a strength, what a rest for a poor toiling, striving, labouring soul, to find that grace has done all the work, to feel that grace has triumphed in the cross of Christ, to find that nothing is required, nothing is wanted, nothing is to be done. It is a full and perfect, complete and finished work. Oh! sweet sound, when it reaches the heart and touches the conscience, and is shed blessedly abroad in the soul.
This is “the gladness of God’s nation;” this makes their heart glad, that the work is finished, that the warfare is accomplished, that the Church of God “hath received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sin;” this is the comforting sound wherewith God “comforts his people;” this makes the nation glad and their heart to leap and dance for joy. Has your heart never leaped at the sound?—only for a moment? Has grace never sounded sweetly in your soul, and made your very heart dance within you? If it has, you know what is “the gladness of God’s nation.”

J.C. Philpot,
Ears From Harvested Sheaves.

Cross References: Num 24:5; Is 40:2; Is 55:1

J. C. Philpot, Ears from Harvested Sheaves, Or, Daily Portions (Oak Harbor: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1997).

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  1. Thank you Brother Tom for posting this excerpt from J.C. Philpot. He truly was blessed to convey words that beautifully described grace. Philpot was one of my dad’s favorite authors. In fact when my dad was in England back in 1985 he made a point to visit Philpot’s grave. God bless and hope you have a wonderful week.

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